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Sunday 25th August 10.30am. Morning Worship. “The Belt of Truth” - 1 Kings 18 - Pastor Anthony

We meet every Sunday at 10.30am for a time of praise and worship. We seek to offer a warm welcome to all in our fairly informal style of service. Our younger members choose to stay in for the service but there is always something prepared for any who wish to have their own time together upstairs on a Sunday morning and there is an area at the back of the church with a few toys for any who are too young to join in junior church. Disabled access and sound amplification with audio loop is available. Parking is available in the Memorial Hall car park next door to our church. Refreshments are always available after each service and we would encourage visitors to stay and have a chat and find out more about us.

See below for recordings of all our services and for a download of our newsletter please go to our calender page.

As a general rule the services follow the following service plan:

1st Sunday Communion service
2nd Sunday Morning Worship
3rd Sunday Family worship
4th Sunday Morning worship
5th Sunday United Service at one of the Mountsorrel Churches

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11 Mar 2018Dealing With Doubt
04 Mar 2018Secure In Our God
25 Feb 2018Seated with Christ
18 Feb 2018Life In Jesus Familiy
11 Feb 2018Lord of the years
04 Feb 2018God at work in the church
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24 Dec 2017Are you ready for christmas
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22 Jan 2017Hope home help at hand
15 Jan 2017Persistence in prayer
08 Jan 2017Presence purpose power
25 Dec 2016The real gift of christmas
18 Dec 2016Carol service
11 Dec 2016The coming king
04 Dec 2016He shall be called wonderful
27 Nov 2016There is no other name
20 Nov 2016Promises to covenants
13 Nov 2016The place of israel
06 Nov 2016Remember
30 Oct 2016Promoting evangelism
23 Oct 2016The bible is truth
16 Oct 2016What's in the way
09 Oct 2016Our inheritance in christ
02 Oct 2016Sowing and reaping for jesus
25 Sep 2016The power of christ
18 Sep 2016The torn curtain
11 Sep 2016Grafted branches
28 Aug 2016Uncomfortable truths
21 Aug 2016The most powerful if
14 Aug 2016Chosen
07 Aug 2016Amazing grace
24 Jul 2016What does prayer change
17 Jul 2016Gods 3 way secret service
10 Jul 2016Heaven
03 Jul 2016How safe do you feel
26 Jun 2016Answered prayer
19 Jun 2016Down but not out
12 Jun 2016The gulf between heaven and hell
05 Jun 2016The power of prayer
22 May 2016Don't live in boxes
15 May 2016By the power of your spirit
08 May 2016The great white throne
01 May 2016He is ascended in glory
24 Apr 2016Press on to the goal
17 Apr 2016Dare to trust god
10 Apr 2016His house of prayer
27 Mar 2016He loves his family
13 Mar 2016The 1000 years
06 Mar 2016Belonging
28 Feb 2016To live is christ to die is gain
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14 Feb 2016Sharing in his work
07 Feb 2016The return of the king
24 Jan 2016Unity in the spirit
05 May 2011Induction Service