Mountsorrel Baptist Church Mountsorrel Baptist Church

As seen on our History page the Baptist fellowship in Mountsorrel has often been in the situation where it has had no pastor of it's own, frequently sharing with other fellowships and having been blessed by people who were prepared to lead us employed on a part-time level. The most consistent time of leadership was under Pastor Steven Cooper who only retired in 2010 after 30 faithful years of service! Following his retirement, Pastor Keith Munroe worked with us for 4 years, moving on in 2014 after preparing us and equipping us to once again cope with a time without a pastor.

We now have 6 appointed deacons who take on certain practical details in the running and maintenance of the building and the fellowship, including the search for a new pastor.


Lysbeth Cant Tel: 07870 434 371

Church secretary and first point of contact and joint team leader of Kidz Klub

Gill Fray Tel : 0116 2301136

church treasurer and first contact for Prayer chain, mid-week groups

Chris Cant Tel: 0116 237 5026

Responsible for service planning and member of worship team

Mike Anderson Tel: 01509 413109

Looks after all things to do with the church building and maintenance

Dave Hall Tel 0116 2302992

Worship group member, joint team leader of Kidz Klub

Rachel Winsor Tel :0116 210 6695

Monthly bulletin, mid-week groups, web-site, BYG with Rosemary Poppitt

In the absence of a regular pastor we give thanks to the visiting friends and members of our own fellowship who are able to bring God's message to us; namely Pastor Steve Cooper, Rev. Derrick Tickner, Alistair Gibb and Peter Vanlint

Junior church on Sunday mornings is faithfully led each week by Nigel Daley and Wendy Sibbald.